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  • Aritic API Documents
  • Aritic API Documents

    Welcome to the Aritic API documentation!

    Aritic's API is built in a way that allows you to design a practical application or integration instantly and rather effortlessly too. We know from our expertise that these are the APIs that control Aritic product and applications. The ecosystem of developers creating integrations on top of the APIs is robust and diverse. Be it a mailbox or webinar providers or CRM or social advertising.

    All of the Aritic's APIs are organized around REST - if you've communicated with a RESTful API previously, you may be familiar with many of the concepts. We use several standard HTTP features, like HTTP verbs, which can be understood by many HTTP clients. Including error, JSON is returned in all responses from the API. The APIs are created to have expected, straightforward URLs and to use HTTP response codes to symbolize API errors.

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